These expressive dance classes are perfect for children who love to move without barriers, and express themselves freely. Featuring a range of music styles, our fun and dynamic contemporary dance classes explore balance, floorwork, fall and recovery, and improvisation.


Perfect for children who dream of being able to move like the dancers they see on music videos, our commercial dance classes are inspired by the chart-topping hits that we hear on the radio everyday. Loads of fun, and suitable for all abilities and ages.

Boys only commercial dance

This class is fantastic for boys of all ages and ability to be able to express themselves through commercial dance. They will have fun learning the commercial dance style to their favourite chart hits!


  • Dancing improves a child’s physical health
  • Dancing increases aerobic fitness
  • Dancing promotes muscular strength and endurance
  • Dancing improves coordination, agility, and flexibility
  • Dancing is a great way to meet new friends
  • Dancing promotes social skills
  • Dancing leads to greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Dancing promotes positive mental health
  • Dancing builds confidence
  • Dancing enhances balance and spatial awareness

What Our Parents Say