Delivered by experienced and qualified teachers, Starz singing classes are perfect for children who love to sing, sing, sing! Here, Starz will learn different rhymes, singing styles, and techniques. As with all our classes, our singing classes are fun and engaging, with a strong focus on building a child’s confidence and imagination.


Children love to sing, and it’s a great skill for them to learn! Our singing classes harness a child’s love of singing, and help them to develop their vocal range and singing style, all the while boosting their self-esteem and confidence.


  • Singing relieves stress and tension
  • Singing boosts confidence
  • Singing promotes mindfulness and mental health
  • Singing promotes friendships
  • Singing has a positive impact of mental health
  • Signing empowers children to believe in themselves
  • Singing helps children to positively express their emotions
  • Singing strengthens the immune system
  • Singing improves our breathing patterns
  • Singing improves physical and emotional health

What Our Parents Say