Offering fun and exciting sessions for beginners through to advanced tumbles, Starz gymnastics and acro classes are suitable for children aged 4-18 years old. Packed full of energy and fun, these classes help children to develop their social, physical, and emotional skills.


Learning techniques such as flips, splits, butterfly kicks, handstands, and cartwheels, Starz gymnastic classes are delivered by experienced gymnastics coaches, and tailored to suit children of all ages and abilities.


Acrobatic gymnastics – or acro, for short – focuses on using strength and flexibility to perform gymnastics-based tricks. These classes combine traditional dance techniques with acrobatic skills and flair.


  • Gymnastics helps develop coordination
  • Gymnastics improves flexibility
  • Gymnastics teaches listening and learning skills
  • Gymnastics builds self-esteem and confidence
  • Gymnastics teaches teamwork
  • Gymnastics supports the building of friendships
  • Gymnastics promotes physical and mental health
  • Gymnastics promotes social skills
  • Gymnastics promotes language and numeracy skills
  • Gymnastics fuels the body and brain for learning

What Our Parents Say