You’ve decided you want a change, and you’re ready to become your own boss – that’s the first step to becoming a business owner. Now, though, there are a number of other decisions that you need to make – one of them being whether you start-up your own business, or whether you invest in a franchise. The choice, of course, is yours and, whichever path you take, we wish you the vesy best of luck!

One of the hardest things about being your own boss is making that transition from being employed and having a team around you, to needing to make every decision on your own. It can be overwhelming at times. The good news, though, is that there is support available.

The main reason that people choose to join a franchise is because it means they are joining a team of like-minded people. They can also tap into the knowledge and experiences of their franchisor – as well as other franchisees in the network – and benefit from the many lessons that they have learned on their way to success.

A franchise offers a way to create your own business that you can put your own stamp on, and with a proven system that has been adapted over the course of several years. Not everyone is suited to being a franchisee, though – following a proven business model has a lot of advantages, but it comes with the need to conform to the core principles of the brand and operate in line with the franchise model that makes it successful.

Reach for the Starz

Every year, around 660,000 new businesses are registered in the UK – that’s around 70 every single hour! Britain is a booming nation of start-ups, but it’s a less talked about fact that around 60% of those businesses will close their doors within the first three years.

In comparison, the latest British Franchise Association (BFA) survey reported that failure rates for franchise businesses remain very low, with fewer than 1% closing per year due to commercial failure.

A major benefit of opting for the franchise route is that the franchise model gives you a blueprint for success, with proven systems and processes in place. But, like any blueprint, it only works if you follow it!No one can guarantee that you will be successful in business, but becoming a franchisee with a well-developed and proven franchise significantly improves your chances.

You’ll find loads more information in our franchise brochure.

The Starz Drama School franchise model

Our franchise model has been developed by specialist franchise consultants and solicitors who are affiliated with the BFA. We also operate within the BFA’s code of practice and ethics – so you know that you’ll always be treated fairly, and with respect.
We want you to get to know us. Equally importantly, though, we want to get to know you. We have an extensive recruitment process in place that allows us to do this. That way, when we do sign on the dotted line, we can both be confident that we can build a franchise business to be proud of.

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