We know that, for many potential franchisees, the issue of cost is a factor – it shouldn’t, though, be the most important thing that you consider. That’s because most franchisors – Starz Drama School included – will be able to help you secure finance, if needed. And, in order to do this, you’ll need to have a business plan, which you should build together. This business plan not only gives you and the franchisor the chance to get to know each other, but it allows you to better understand how successful your business can be, and what you are likely to make each year.

How much is a Starz Drama School franchise?

The initial investment is just £5,000. That gives you exclusive rights to operate in your territory, and covers all of your pre-launch training, marketing, and support. You can find out more about what we offer in our franchise brochure

You’ll find loads more information in our franchise brochure.

What should I expect to make?

This is something that we discuss in length during our recruitment process. We’ll tell you what you might expect to make, based on our experience of running a performing arts basis. We also consider your goals for the business, and the area in which you are going to be operating. More importantly, we work with you to make your dreams become a reality – and help you launch, run, and grow a highly successful Starz Drama School business in your area.

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